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Visitors of Dubious Distinction

Dubious Visitors Inquiry - Top Counts for Today

New Inquiry

Welcome to our web page  inquiry that puts a spotlight on recent visitors who like to poke around and let the air out of our tires.  Tegratecs is proud to introduce you to this new feature that we first talked about in our Privacy Policy quite a while back.


Sometimes we've simply accidentally given these visitors bad info and they are just trying to tell us (so we are paying attention).  Sometimes these visitors are testing us for capability or safety.  However, some of these visitors are clearly getting a bit out of hand, and so we're giving anyone who is interested a heads up.


If it is ye who are one of the excessive Maliciosos (human or Roboto), please consider being more careful, so that you can avoid making us want to put out the effort to block you from accessing our site in the interest of overall website health and performance.  Time to turn over a new leaf!

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Dubious Visitors Inquiry on

Dubious Visitors Inquiry on

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